Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Im looking for a puppy!

If you guys know of anyone selling lab puppys let me know! I want a girl.
also, cant spend more then 400... cause i have to by it myself. ;P
Haha, aslo would like it as young as possible.
Let me knowww! ( :
Thank youu!


  1. Goldie and Dandy are both pg, due in January, but we ask something like 800. Pam (602 540 3890) has two litters right now, and she asks 800.

    Genia, (you know her right??) (623 810 9765) has a female due any day, and yellows are 500, but blacks are 400. You could get a black female for 400.....one down side is they're unregistered. If you want to breed, you want registered, but if its just a pet it doesn't matter. The female that is pg of Genia's is a paternal sister to Dandy :)

    Genia's website is graveslabradors.com, and if you go there, click on the "females" page, and the 2nd one down, after Lynn, is "Anna." She's the one that's due.

  2. go look @ my blog...I put up pics of Genia's female